News is a non-interchangeable bundle of data. Why is this important? Because it’s often used interchangeably with data, which is not the same thing. As a data professional, you need to understand the differences between news and data so that you can help your colleagues make headway in their understanding. Let’s take a look at what news is and why it’s not interchangeable with data. Defining News The most basic definition of news is “a piece of information or event that is of public interest.” News is usually a story that has a major impact on our society. It’s often used to inform the public about something that’s gone wrong. The news is also used to inform us about something that has happened that we didn’t know about otherwise. News also has a negative connotation. It’s often used to sell something, and the story may be false or exaggerated. News is different from data. Here’s why. 4 Reasons Why News is Not Interchangeable with Data

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