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Monday, 30 January 2023
Exclusive Look at Sly’s New NFT “Golden Signature”

Exclusive Look at Sly’s New NFT “Golden Signature”



Let’s face it: The original New Golden Fang was a flop. With only a few weeks left in the year, the app was already being widely panned for its lack of originality and its connection to the stale formula of its predecessor. But, fast forward a few months and we can see that the original Golden Fang was actually a success, at least in terms of its reception. After all, it was a pretty simple concept that many failed to achieve: Make a military shooter with a unique and quirky aesthetic, and you’ve got yourself a hit. So, why not take the original formula and improve it? And that’s what the team behind New Golden Fang has done.

The result is this new version of the game that’s a breath of fresh air from the norm. Instead of following the same tired formula of an early 20th century military shooter, this new game is an authentic reflection of our times. It’s a side-scrolling game that takes place in a bustling Chinese market. Players take on the role of Golden Fang, a masked vigilante who makes his way through the market, fighting off bandits and thieves. The way it’s designed, the actions of the market’s citizens are a reflection of history, and their costumes speak to their culture. This new game also happens to be more fun, faster-paced, and more original than its predecessor. Let’s take a look at

The Gameplay
For a game that’s all about speed, Sucker Punch’s New Golden Fang has some of the most engaging and fast-paced gunplay of any iOS shooter. While the controls are very reminiscent of the original game, with quick and easy access to both Stickman and 2D guns, the developers have made significant improvements. The aiming system has been simplified and made more objective; a street-level view with line of sight to the center of the screen allows players to see where their bullets are going with pinpoint accuracy.

The Striker, Golden Fang’s new melee weapon, is especially useful for dispatching crowds of enemies quickly and with minimum effort.

The New Character Development System
The New Character Development System returns in full force, but this time it’s been given a proper overhaul. Instead of being stuck in a single, static environment, players can freely explore a huge open world, full of dynamic and changing environments and scenic Chinese locations. New characters can be recruited and given quests to complete, encouraging a more narrative-driven approach to the game.


An Empowering Community
Users can create and interact with in-game communities, where they can chat, trade goods and learn from one another. These communities not only help players to form stronger friendships and bonds, but they also give the team a platform to improve upon the game. By encouraging creative and silly (but helpful) community-building, the team has a chance to get feedback and meet new fans.

The Darker Side
When it comes to the darker side of New Golden Fang, nothing says “2018” like Communism. It’s been a long-standing gripe of the series’ fans that the game never really portrays Communism in a favorable light, and the developers have acknowledged this as a missed opportunity. “The themes of the game are freedom, justice, and the importance of family, and those ideals have been very closely associated with Communism throughout history. However, in our game, we focused more on the military aspects of the revolution, and the way living people felt about their revolution,” said Golden Fang’s lead designer Liu Guijun. “Our goal was to give a true representation of the times, but we still left room for the player’s imagination.”

Best of Both Worlds
It’s easy to call New Golden Fang a success when we’re only looking at the numbers, but the team behind the game is committed to making the game even better. They’ve been hard at work on the game’s mobile iteration, which is still in Early Access and will be released next year. And, what’s interesting is that there are plans to bring the game to other platforms, including Xbox and Playstation. “The goal of the game is to bring an authentic Chinese experience to western audiences, and we think that the best way to achieve that is to bring the experience to smartphones first,” said Liu Guijun, the lead designer of New Golden Fang. “We hope to continue making New Golden Fang better and bringing it to more platforms.” So, what’s next for the franchise? The developers seem pretty confident that they can hit the ground running with a fresh new concept, and that’s what we should expect next from Sucker Punch.

In a nutshell, New Golden Fang is fast-paced, fresh, and different from anything that came before it. The game features an original and creative take on the military shooter genre, with unique aesthetics and a cast of memorable characters. The game offers a lot of value for money and is free to download with no in-game purchases or ads. With its focus on storytelling and community and its deep focus on customization, this new game has the potential to be an enduring hit in the iOS gaming market. If you’re looking for an addictive and engaging iOS shooter, then New Golden Fang is the game for you. And, if you’re looking for a unique and engaging experience, this is one you should definitely check out.

That’s all for today, folks. We’ll see you in the next one.

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