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Friday, 01 December 2023
Marfo Releases New Collection: Strangers – Ghanaian Designer Marfo Releases New NFT Collection

Marfo Releases New Collection: Strangers – Ghanaian Designer Marfo Releases New NFT Collection


Ghanaian designer, Marfo, has recently released a new collection of NFTs. Titled Strangers, the collection is a result of Marfo’s studies and his interest in human psychology. According to the designer, with such a collection, he wants to explore the human relationships, their complications and the need to break them for the betterment of all. The designer’s communication and design course, that he attended in the United States, played a big role in the designing of this collection. With the launch of the collection, Marfo also showcased a collection of illustrations that explore the meaning of loneliness and connection. The collection is available on NFT Ghana and can be purchased for $15.

What makes a collection ‘Strangers’?

To create the ‘Strangers’ collection, Marfo first went through extensive research on human psychology. According to the designer, he was particularly interested in the idea of “loneliness and its connection to human connection and how we cope with it.”

The NFT design process for ‘Strangers’ began with Marfo creating a moodboard. During the moodboard stage, he compiled images that help him explore his ideas and emotions connected to the theme. After that, he created a “gestalt”—a general idea or concept for the collection. This was the starting point for Marfo to create the collection.

The NFT Design process

As the designer explains, he starts with a sketch. He likes to keep his sketches very simple and minimal so that he can really focus on the core ideas and the message he wants to send with the collection. From there, he moves to rough concepts, finalized concepts, and production sketches. For the final designs, Marfo uses Adobe Photoshop to create texture and pattern. He then exports the designs as .DXF files for the production of his masterpieces.

The illustrations for ‘Strangers’

For the illustrations, Marfo began by creating a moodboard. For each image, he selected the one that represented loneliness and the need for connection the most. Using this image, he created a digital sketch and added texture and pattern. The designer explains that he wants his designs to have a sense of humanity and optimism while also exploring darker and more complex themes.


The collection’s style and price range

The ‘Strangers’ collection features a diverse range of styles and price points. The designer has created a variety of products, including apparel, stationery, and home decor. The most expensive items are the rugs and the most affordable are the magnets. The rugs, priced at $500, are hand-knotted in India, while the magnets, priced at $25, are printed with water-based inks on durable, repositionable material.

The collection is also available on NFT Ghana.

Final thoughts

As the designer notes, he hopes that people will see the humanity in his designs and relate to them. By showing different types of connections between people—romantic, familial, platonic, and professional—he aims to create a more inclusive society. Marfo also hopes that his designs inspire people to break the cycle of loneliness and create connections with others.

“We are all alone, but together we can do so much,” he said. “It’s not about what you have, but who you share it with.”

And finally, he hopes that people will enjoy wearing his pieces as much as he enjoyed designing them.

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