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Wednesday, 04 October 2023
OIC urges action against ‘barbaric’ Israeli attacks on Palestinians

OIC urges action against ‘barbaric’ Israeli attacks on Palestinians


The Israeli military carried out a series of attacks in the occupied Palestinian territory in the early hours of Wednesday, July 23, which left at least 20 Palestinians dead and hundreds more injured.

In a coordinated series of airstrikes, artillery strikes, land incursions, and other military operations in the early hours of the morning, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) targeted Palestinian security sites and refugee camps, as well as marketplaces and other civilian areas throughout the occupied West Bank.

The attacks, which continued throughout the day, have been widely described as “barbaric” and “unjustified” by Israel.

The Israeli military claimed the raids were in response to Palestinian attacks, which, although they are indeed a serious problem, are also the result of many years of Israeli military occupation.

However, the fact remains that the Israeli military has a long history of indiscriminate, disproportionate, and illegal attacks against the Palestinian people.

In the past few months, these attacks have reached a new and alarming level: they are being carried out with the full support and encouragement of the Israeli government.

Therefore, the Israeli cabinet must take immediate and decisive action to stop these human rights violations and the unnecessary loss of life.

We strongly urge the Israeli authorities to:

Condemn all recent Israeli attacks
Israel’s military has a long history of targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in the occupied Palestinian territory in order to “conflict transfer”, as described by the Israeli military.

In the early hours of Wednesday, July 23, 2017, attacks were reported across the occupied Palestinian territory, leaving at least 20 Palestinians dead and hundreds more injured.

Immediately suspend all planned raids
All planned raids must be suspended and their authorisation should be granted only on a case-by-case basis.

In the past months, the Israeli military conducted a series of raids in the occupied West Bank in which dozens of Palestinians were killed or injured.

Immediately end all military occupation of the oPt
All military occupations, including the Israeli military’s occupation of the Gaza Strip, must end immediately.


Palestinians living in the oPt have been experiencing military occupation for decades under both Israeli and Egyptian control.

The oPt has seen a consistent pattern of pillaging and arbitrary displacement, which often led to acts of collective punishment against military rivals such as the Egyptian army.

Uphold and implement the recommendations of the UN Commission of Inquiry
The UN Commission of Inquiry on the situation in the oPt has made numerous important recommendations to the Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

All parties must respect international human rights law, including the basic principles of fundamental justice, due process, and the inviolability of private and public property.

The UN Commission of Inquiry should be given access to the oPt and should be allowed to conduct its activities without interference or restrictions.

Ensure that there will be no further Israeli attacks
The Israeli security forces must be allowed to stay in place as long as necessary to implement the measures recommended by the UN Commission of Inquiry.

In the past months, the Israeli authorities have implemented a wide range of measures to establish a tight siege on the Gaza Strip, including the cutting of all supplies and communications, the controlling of all movements and the closure of certain areas.

These restrictions have contributed to the poor conditions of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which have led to significant economic losses and the deaths of hundreds of people.

In the wake of the Israeli attacks, the Israeli cabinet must take urgent and decisive action to protect the Palestinian people and end the impunity that has allowed these attacks to occur.

The Israeli military must immediately cease all attacks against the Palestinian people and civilian infrastructure. A free and democratic Palestinian state should immediately be established in the oPt.

In the meantime, the Israeli military should be allowed to continue its operations in the West Bank as a legitimate military force under the rule of law.

The Israeli cabinet should also mandate an immediate, independent and impartial investigation into the attacks and into the use of live ammunition by Israeli security forces.

The cabinet should also order the state attorney to conduct an immediate, transparent and thorough investigation of these and other serious human rights violations by the Israeli military.

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