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Friday, 01 December 2023
PlayMaker Capital Inc. Hires Head of Partnerships for North America

PlayMaker Capital Inc. Hires Head of Partnerships for North America



As the digital landscape continues to change, so does the way advertisers reach their audience. With the rise of digitalnative advertising, brand marketers must have a deeper understanding of their audience and their tools to reach them.

In the new digital world, brands must have a constant dialogue with their audience to understand what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. If they don’t have a presence on social media, they might not know about a new campaign. If they don’t have access to digitalnative advertisements, they may not know about them. If they can’t find relevant content, they may not know where to look.

These are the four pillars of digitalnative advertising. If a brand is serious about connecting with their audience and growing their business, they will become digital native.


At the core of any successful digital campaign is a brand’s consistent presence on various platforms. A brand’s digital presence should reflect the brand’s personality and values. This means that a brand’s social media presence should be consistent with the brand’s voice, values, and promises about the product or service. When a brand’s presence is inconsistent, it sends an unclear message to their audience.


When a brand first starts to incorporate digitalnative advertising techniques into their strategy, the most important step is to have consistent digital presence across all channels. Consistent digital presence across all channels means that when a brand is online, they should be visible on all platforms. Consistent digital presence across all channels also means that the brand is visible to their intended audience.

Content Marketing


For many brands, the breakthrough in content marketing happened last year with the rise of influencer marketing and collaborative content. Now, there’s a thriving ecosystem of digitalnative ad formats that can increase brand exposure and engagement.

Sponsored and Paid Advertising

When it comes to paid advertising, many brands are still figuring out the right mix of sponsored content and paid ads. As more brands realize the benefits of both, the landscape will continue to change. New research shows that while 80% of consumers want to see more paid ads, they also want to see more authentic and relevant ads.

Grow with Video

With the ability to create engaging digital native video, brands are finding new ways to reach their audience. With the rise of the digitalnative audience, brands are also discovering new ways to grow their business. With the ability to create engaging digital native video, brands can now engage with their audience in different ways.


The ability of brands to connect with their audience is key to their success. When brands connect with their audience, they create memories, build lasting relationships, and increase brand awareness. Those same connections can also lead to new customers, leads, and sales.

These four pillars of digitalnative advertising are the foundation for brand growth and success. The best brands will continue to incorporate these pillars into their strategies, while using digitalnative advertising to drive targeted leads and sales.

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